Grants Coordinator

April 12, 2018

Position Title: Grants Coordinator (30 hours per week part
Reports To: Director
Team: Immigration and Refugee Program
Location: Richmond, VA
Status: Non-Exempt

Church World Service (CWS) is a not-for-profit organization working to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world. To help build and maintain a diverse team, CWS actively seeks candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, use of a guide or support animal, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.


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Primary Purpose:

The Grants Coordinator is responsible for two main (and overlapping) areas: preparation and submission of grant applications and proposals, and preparation and submission of reports required by our funders. The Grants Coordinator must be detail-oriented, highly organized, and an excellent writer. The Grants Coordinator also must communicate well internally, especially with the Director and others who may be supplying data, content, or documentation in support of funding proposals and/or reports (e.g., Employment Specialist, Case Manager).

Essential Duties as Grants Coordinator:

  • Research grants using online directories, personal networking, or other means.
  • Consult with Director regarding results of research into prospective funders, and prioritization of these prospect lists.
  • Write grant applications/proposals, grant reports, and (as requested) supporting documentation for review by Director.
  • Manage a shared (e.g., Google) calendar for grants, clearly showing deadlines for applications/proposals, and reports.
  • Meet with program staff regarding client services – including shadowing – to fully understand the programs and target outcomes.
  • Organize the application process, especially for more complex applications, to ensure that all narrative content, financial information, and other documentation and information, will be generated or received for timely submission of applications; and ensuring that the logistics of document submission are in order (e.g., that CWS is registered with any online systems through which applications are submitted).
  • Organize staff who will be involved in helping with grant applications or proposals, including giving staff adequate notice of information or content that will be required of them, with clear deadlines.
  • Draft or edit documents required for grant applications, in addition to the application narrative (e.g., editing job descriptions, drafting or editing organizational history, drafting letters of support)
  • Work closely with the Director to monitor progress, e.g., number of applications (and dollar value) of applications submitted per quarter or year; percent funded; etc.
  • Assist in developing PowerPoint-based or other general presentations that can be used for a broad range of speaking engagements, using content from grant applications or reports.

Common Duties:

  • Advocate on behalf of refugees, and refugee-serving voluntary agencies.
  • Keep informed about refugee and immigrant situations
  • As requested by the Director, represent the agency at meetings and community events
  • Undertake other duties as assigned.


Education: Working toward Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, or related field; and/or demonstrated skills in grant-writing or similar technical writing. (Bachelor’s degree preferred.) 

Experience:  Previous work experience and interest in refugee services or other nonprofit human services is preferred.  Ability to provide culturally-relevant information and education is required.



  • Able to communicate thoroughly and with confidence a broad range of information relating to program or department.
  • Communicate detailed and/or technical information clearly, in writing and orally.
  • Speak publicly with defined constituencies regarding specific assigned topics.
  • Anticipate constituent needs and interests and take proactive steps to respond to them.
  • Promote “transparency of information” by sharing relevant information with staff and other stakeholders.

Constituent Relations

  • Manage relationships with stakeholders (e.g., foundation staff) and work within their structure to identify programmatic linkages, plan and implement services and coordinate activities.
  • Identify potential constituents with whom to build relationships and flesh out details of those relationships within the context of CWS’s mission and values.
  • Coordinate specific program activities with counterparts and include them in planning
  • Resolve issues of concern to maintain effective stakeholder relationships.

Job Knowledge

  • Understand the mission and values of CWS and faith-based organizations and how they apply to their work and relationships with others.
  • Understand the work performed and how it supports CWS in achieving its goals.
  • Understand how to work multiculturally with sensitivity and integrity.
  • Knows a broad range of information regarding specific program or department and use that knowledge to perform effectively and independently.
  • Applies a depth of knowledge within area of responsibility to implement assigned activities.
  • Uses technology in varied, creative ways to support individual and program performance.
  • Identify learning opportunities for self and others and take/ recommend action.
  • Interpret CWS’s policies and procedures for staff and stakeholders, keeping the “human” side in sight.
  • Understand general business practices that support individual and program performance.


  • Take responsibility for performance of own job duties.
  • Model behaviors that are consonant with the mission and values of CWS in work activities and relationships.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment in performing all duties.
  • Recognize and use individual strengths to enhance work performance.
  • Recognize areas of weakness and seek assistance to improve performance.
  • Take initiative within area of responsibility.
  • Respect the skills, needs and schedules of others in performing assigned duties and responding to others.
  • Contribute ideas for implementing CWS’s vision and strategic plan.

Problem Solving

  • Recognize routine problems, gather data and work through them thoroughly and effectively.
  • Know whom to consult for assistance in solving non-routine problems.
  • Exercise creativity in resolving problems and trying new ways of doing things.
  • Know how and when to apply technical solutions to problems.
  • Share results of problem solving experiences with others.
  • Remain flexible in responding to organizational priorities.

Program Planning and Management

  • Anticipate workflow and take proactive steps to balance work priorities.
  • Understand the desired outcome of assigned work and how it supports CWS’s work.
  • Identify the resources and assistance needed to complete work assignments and make sure they are on hand.
  • Complete routine assignments on time, making sure finished products are accurate and of expected quality.
  • Contribute ideas to effectively implement program plans and activities.
  • Keep others informed of work progress and any problems encountered.
  • Take initiative and complete independent work projects.
  • Understand organizational priorities and respect time sensitivity of work performance.
  • Assist others to complete priority work, or step in to handle work in their absence.

Resource Building and Stewardship

  • Recognize resource building potential in all interactions and be responsive and professional in providing information.
  • Use financial and material resources provided by CWS to their best advantage, including business equipment and supplies.
  • Demonstrate concern for natural resources in carrying out work activities.
  • Make the most of own time and resources to maximize stewardship to CWS.
  • Respect one another and relationships with staff, supervisors and managers.


  • Understand what a team is and what it does.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to work on a team.
  • Understand own role on the team and how it fits in to the overall results to be produced.
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and ideas to team discussion and work.
  • Accepts accountability for assignments made within the team and for producing results on time.
  • Keep team leader and members informed of work status.
  • Demonstrate awareness of what other teams do and how their work affects own team.
  • Recognize and respect the importance of work performed by colleagues.
  • Understand organizational priorities and is willing to set aside own tasks to assist others to complete high priority tasks.

Other Skills: Superior written and verbal communication skills are required. The successful candidate must be computer literate, with proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word; Access is desirable but not required) and internet applications. Strong organizational and time management skills are required.  Must be 21 years or older, have a car, and a have valid driver’s license with a clean driving history.