Vice President, Development and Humanitarian Assistance (DHA)

April 3, 2018

Job Title: Vice President, Development and Humanitarian Assistance (DHA)
Location: NYC or Washington DC Preferred
Status: Full-Time, Exempt

Church World Service (CWS) is a not-for-profit organization working to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world. To help build and maintain a diverse team, CWS actively seeks candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, use of a guide or support animal, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.


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Primary Purpose:

To provide the leadership required to articulate the vision, mission and core values of the DHA program of Church World Service (CWS). To research, design, propose to Leadership and implement approved strategies responding to emerging patterns of development and humanitarian assistance that integrates the applicable core competencies of DHA, Immigration and Refugee Programs (IRP), and Advocacy, contributing to sustainable development, in particular how these contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (including North America).

To provide ongoing strategic support and oversight to more than 100 CWS staff members based in eight (8) nations and our Senior Director of DHA, Associate Director of Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Associate Director of Communicators, and Associate Director of Funds Mobilization, for purposes of strategic program planning, budgeting and staff performance.

To ensure the effective integration of DHA’s regional programs in collaboration with strategic international humanitarian agreements including but not limited to the United Nations, World Bank, Regional Governmental Organizations, ACT Alliance and World Council of Churches. To collaborate with the IRP team to ensure that all programmatic work is consistent with the Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan of Church World Service. To work in close collaboration with the larger CWS senior leadership infrastructure, and in the future with VP Global Migration.

Key Areas of Accountability:

  • Strategic Planning for Development and Humanitarian Assistance
  • DHA Advisory Committee[1]
  • Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Relations
    • Communions
    • ACT Alliance
    • Interaction
    • Foundations and Government Grants

Essential Duties:

  • Oversees the design and implementation of DHA’s Strategic Plan, ensuring the integration of services, activities and programs in a collaborative, transparent and supportive environment.
  • Identifies funding opportunities supporting new programs and expanding existing programs
  • Leads the planning, funding and implementation of new and expanded programs
  • Serves as a principal spokesperson in public forums, promoting the identity and image of CWS and advancing the organization’s ability to build and maintain relationships with key constituencies.
  • Promotes partnership with CWS by member communions, including their participation in all CWS DHA activities.
  • Provides leadership in implementing organizational governance structures and systems.
  • Provides leadership in developing. recommending, implementing and evaluating organizational policies, programs, services, structures and procedures that balance effective business management practices with CWS’s mission and core values.
  • Perform other duties and special projects as necessary to provide visionary leadership and sound business management to a complex, diverse organization and its constituencies.



Master’s degree in related field or equivalent experience. Commitment (experience is a plus) to the ecumenical movement and member churches.


Minimum of ten years’ practical experience working in a global and cross-cultural setting and environment. Must have experience in one or more of the following areas: international, economic and social development, mission relationships and witness. Experience in working effectively within the ecumenical movement involving complex and sensitive relationships and partnerships is a plus. Experience working in or with ACT Alliance and/or faith-based organizations is also a plus. Background in developing and managing a foundations and government grants is preferred.


Communications: Able to articulate and explain the theological underpinnings of CWS’s work is a plus.  Demonstrate leadership in communicating personal commitment to CWS values, motivating others to share those values. Communicate organization-wide strategies, priorities, policies, programs and services to staff, stakeholders and the public.  Serve as CWS’s principal spokesperson in a variety of forums, proactively identifying opportunities to increase CWS’s position and image. Reinforce an organizational culture that values “transparency of information” by establishing strategies to implement and evaluate internal and external communications.

Job Knowledge: Provide leadership to CWS based on experience with faith-based and not-for-profit organizations. Use effective business management practices to ensure DHA Programs operates effectively. Establish a work environment that promotes learning and ensure opportunities for learning to occur. Assure mission and values not compromised in development and implementation of strategic plans.

Leadership: Exemplify CWS’s values in representing the organization in all activities. Take action to meet organizational needs and address organizational issues. Ensure the way work is performed within DHA is consistent with its intended organizational style of teamwork, shared decision-making and transparency of information. Ensure and define processes for planning, evaluating and managing resources, staff and information. Evaluate existing skill sets among staff and retool or redirect them to meet organizational needs. Model and empower responsible risk-taking and creativity. Balance vision and knowledge of effective business practices to implement the DHA Programs and CWS strategic plan.

Problem Solving: Recognize the long-range challenges posed by societal and institutional influences. Develop strategies to address and minimize potential risks in meeting organizational challenges, with respect and caring. Implement changes in organizational policy or practices to respond to challenges, assuring supporting information has been gathered and examined. Demonstrate wisdom and fairness in weighing recommended solutions to problems, considering core values, financial resources and organizational impact. Assure DHA has the resources necessary to support organizational problem-solving. Promote an environment in which staff are empowered and supported in responsible problem-solving.

Program Planning and Management: Hold organizational managers responsible for developing, implementing, communicating and evaluating programs and services, ensuring:

  • that all necessary background research has been gathered and analyzed;
  • reasonable time frames for achievement have been established;
  • performance standards and expectations have been identified and communicated;
  • an appropriate methodology for measuring program results and individual performance is in place; and
  • program and individual performance results are appropriately recognized and communicated.

Resource Building and Stewardship: Provide leadership in planning, securing and maximizing the financial, material and human resources needed for DHA to carry out its mission and strategic plan. Establish policies for securing and using resources to be sure these activities are consonant with the mission and values of CWS. Finalize negotiations with donors and other stakeholders to maintain and increase their support for the work of CWS. Establish accountability for managing DHA strategies and priorities. Promotes and recognizes entrepreneurship among staff, within CWS’s mission, values and strategic plan.

Teamwork: Determine where teams are appropriate to meet strategic goals. Model team work and team values in personal and group interactions. Establish opportunities for program-specific, cross-functional and problem-solving teams across CWS. Provide critical oversight and feedback to program teams to ensure achievement of organization goals. Hold teams accountable for producing results as assigned within our strategic plan. Recognize and communicate successes among teams and identify needs for team management training. Evaluate effectiveness of team approaches in achieving our strategic plan.

Other Skills:

Skills in managing a complex and diverse organization with intricate budgets. Understanding of finance and funding techniques and strategies. Visionary leadership to unite people for a common purpose. Strong diplomatic skills, with ability to facilitate discussion and build consensus in a complex, sometimes volatile, environment.   Excellent public speaking, presentation and media skills. Computer literacy, including word processing, database, spreadsheet and internet applications.  Must have a proven background in Board level relationships. Ability to travel domestically and internationally.

[1] Senior Director DHA may also attend as a member of the DHA, and will serve as convener in the absence of the VP.