Vocational ESL Instructor

May 11, 2017

Position Title: Vocational ESL Instructor
Reports To: Employment Program Coordinator
Team: Immigration and Refugee Program
Location: Lancaster, PA
Job Level: Grade:  4
Starting Salary: $31,500
Status: Non-Exempt, Non-Bargaining Unit

Church World Service (CWS) is a not-for-profit organization working to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world. CWS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability or veteran status in employment or in the provision of services.

To Apply:
Please visit the link below to apply directly online to this position.


Primary Purpose:

The Vocational ESL Instructor provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to assist newly arriving, employable, adult Cuban entrants.  Class instruction targets English language acquisition and ultimately promotes job readiness. The ESL instructor will work with diverse literacy levels, from non-literate adults to those who have mastered conversational English.  Lessons are designed to practice English language use in different real-life situations, including, but not limited to: greetings, following directions, job interviews, communicating on the job with a supervisor and with English-speaking co-workers, and basic math skills.

In addition, the position operates the CWS computer lab which is available to all CWS employment clients (refugees, asylees, Cuban entrants) ready to enter the workforce.  He/she provides computer lab orientation, job readiness plan.  He/she also maintains records of TANF client participation for the Department of Human Services.


Total 40 hours/week

  • Present at off-site computer lab, open 8.30 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday
  • Office/class preparation hours after 3 pm , Monday–Friday

Essential Duties:

  • Teaches simple English grammar, writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills to adult Cuban entrants enrolled in CWS/Lancaster employment programming.
  • Researches curriculum options based on the needs of adults on a track toward employability.
  • Tailors 50% of lesson plans to promote employability and success with interviewing skills, targeting specific job skills. Designs and produces teaching aids/activities to incorporate into curriculum.
  • Provides four 6-week class sessions on a rotating basis incorporating approximately 6 hours/week of class. Maintains class attendance logs.
  • Tests incoming students for placement in class and improvement (BEST Plus/BEST Literacy). Refers clients with accelerated skills to advanced ESL opportunities.
  • Tests all students as they complete one ESL cycle and records scores.
  • Communicates with the CWS/Lancaster Employment Specialists to recommend clients’ entry into the job-search process with CWS/Lancaster’s Employment Program.
  • Acts as a resource for adult refugee students, giving information to help them thrive in their new communities.
  • Maintains confidentiality of class records and personal information at all times.
  • Contacts participants in the CWS Employment programs to encourage attendance and participation in the computer lab and ESL classes
  • Facilitates daily operations of CWS computer lab and encourages the participation of volunteers in lab/ESL activities
  • Track daily attendance of all clients in lab
  • Works closely with Employment Specialists to verify attendance at the computer lab and progress of clients
  • Responsible for maintaining records of all CWS TANF client activities and reporting information to the Department of Human Services ensuring the completion of 20-35 hours/client of job-related gradual engagement and/or core activities, many of which occur in the computer lab
  • Assists the Employment Program Coordinator in preparing reports as requested

General Duties

  • Advocates on behalf of refugees, and refugee-serving voluntary agencies
  • Keeps informed about refugee and immigrant issues, and available services to CWS clients, using current information to better identify and serve refugee clients
  • Represents the program at meetings and speaking engagements relevant to the responsibilities of the position
  • Undertakes other duties as assigned
  • Performs all duties in culturally and linguistically appropriate manner


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Education with ESL certification.

Experience:  Previous work experience and interest in refugee resettlement, adult education, ESL, or employment and training related services is desired.  Ability to provide culturally-sensitive case management is required.  A background in case management or social work is desirable.

Other SkillsFluency in Spanish is required along with superior English written and verbal communication skills. The successful candidate must be comfortable working with and training clients in various computer programs for employment activities and proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word and Access) and internet applications.

Communications:  Able to communicate thoroughly and with self-confidence a broad range of information relating to program or department. Communicate detailed and/or technical information clearly, in writing and orally. Speak publicly with defined constituencies regarding specific assigned topics. Anticipate constituent needs and interests and take proactive steps to respond to them. Promote “transparency of information” by sharing relevant information with staff and other stakeholders.

Constituent Relationships:  Understand the history of relationships with stakeholders and their structures to support effective relationships in ongoing work activities.  Coordinate specific program activities with counterparts and include them in planning.  Find ways to work around issues of concern to stakeholders.

Job Knowledge:  Know the history of CWS and its place among non-governmental organizations (faith-based, ecumenical, secular, relief and development).  Communicate an understanding of the faith-based nature of CWSW’s work to stakeholders.  Knows a broad range of information regarding specific program or department and use that knowledge to perform effectively and independently.  Apply a depth of knowledge within area of responsibility to implement assigned activities.  Use technology in varied, creative ways to support individual and program performance.  Identify learning opportunities for self and others and take/ recommend action.  Interpret CWS’s policies and procedures for staff and stakeholders, keeping the “human” side in sight. Understand general business practices that support individual and program performance.

Leadership:  Accept accountability for assigned activities and adapt work style to perform independently or within a team.  Recognize strengths and weaknesses in others and share knowledge to develop their abilities.  Facilitate the use of skills and resources within CWS.  Contribute to defining CWS’s vision and strategic planning.

Problem Solving:  Identify problems in procedures that affect program work and recommend changes in systems or procedures to address them, then implement approved changes.  Understand and apply knowledge of the context in which CWS works, including global trends, issues, and the ecumenical movement.  Provide guidance and direction to others in resolving problems, as well as independently solving problems.  Determine the scope of problems, gather all necessary information, analyze impact on other areas and implement or recommend solutions.

Enable others to learn from the problem-solving experience by involving them in examining and resolving problems, ensuring solutions are appropriate to the scope of the problem.

Program Planning and Management:  Contribute ideas to the development and implementation of program plans and budget.  Gather, analyze and make use of information and resources necessary to complete work.  Set and communicate deadlines and priorities.  Successfully balance multiple activities, in support of program or departmental goals.  Manage contacts with internal and external stakeholders to ensure flow of information and coordination of efforts. Verify the accuracy and quality of own work and the work of others.

Resource Building and Stewardship:  Manage and perform activities to bring in revenues and/or other support for CWS programs and services.  Promote CWS’s mission, programs and services with donors and stakeholders to assure continued support.  Recommend activities to support or advance fund raising strategies.  Understand stewardship role in working within budget and monitoring finances.  Prepare reports on program status relative to budget and finances.

Teamwork:  Contribute program expertise to the work performed by the team.  Promote effective interactions among team members and facilitate group discussion.  Participate in identifying and establishing work needs and time lines for completion.  Network with other teams to discuss activities.  Identify opportunities for skill development among team members and share knowledge and experience with them.  Negotiate issues that cause conflict within the team to support effective team functioning.  Prepare reports about team activities and progress in achieving results.